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I have been part of the online world regarding music since the birth of Myspace. Which helped me launch my musical career as in the digital world. I have about 3 decades in hip hop from freestyling and battling on street corners in the Bronx.

I am a legendary graffiti artist from the South Bronx since 1985. Which sparked my love for hip hop and all the elements associated with it. Since then I remember stealing spray cans to tag up for fame as well as learning to do large style mural trains in NYC. I then moved on to airbrush where I collected more fame as a commercial graffiti artist for custom clothing in the '90s.

I have worked with several producers along the way but Juan Magic Peters is who I learned from to produce my own music as well as the music. This Album was produced by him. Due to incarceration and a negative lifestyle, which stopped several record deals in the '90s and early 2000s. Which drove me to learn and create my own music from my own studio. I also have 2 decades of mixing and mastering vocals and tracks to help me in my decision making when considering frequencies of high and low. I finally released a project with Juan Magic Peters called the Devils Playground (Ghetto Artist) by Pause NYC. Which has been in the making since 1995 between me and magic as my producer and beat maker.

I then took it to the next level with a degree at the art institutes of Pittsburgh for my bachelor’s degree in graphic design and film production. Share

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