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The Very Best of Lil Wayne

  • Uploaded on Feb 24, 2012
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  •  Centrist Fiasco

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This playlist which is fitted for two discs that consists of thirty tracks namely, "The Very Best of Lil' Wayne" truly takes you on a genuine journey from young African American who grew up in the Slums of New Orleans with his unbelievable charisma and ghetto wit to a rising iconic legend that you know of today, and this playlist allows you to immerse yourself in the musical and emotional development of each track defining the story of Dwayne "Lil' Wayne" Carter Jr..

The development of this playlist was unbelievably complicated to structure and the choosing of the tracks that represent the "very best" throughout Lil' Wayne career was a tough decision process but, I consistency remain non-bias and decided to look to how the Grammy Awards decisive process. I've judged each song from every studio album by its content, creativity and merit. This playlist has explicit content and I strongly advise children under the age of sixteen years of age to get parental consent before listening.

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