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Sad songs to cry to :(

  • Uploaded on Oct 03, 2021
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A set of sad songs to cry to :(

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B. On Oct 21, 2021 11:34

Hi there, I really enjoyed it! I've never heard MattyBraps before!! :) Thank you very much for sharing.
I would appreciate, if you would also check out my playlist. It's called "SADDEST SONGS" - I also left you a follow. Your other playlists are nice as well. :)

Rhulani Mudau On Oct 20, 2021 14:59

Dope Playlist i`ll follow it. Please consider my song to be part of it:

Gal Adrian On Oct 16, 2021 11:16

cool, you might also wanna add this one:

The Lyrics:
Hey, lately I’ve been going down a hill, and it doesn't seem to heal
My heart my love my life, it made its own demise
I’m waking up. - out of bed, trying to think ahead.
What will I do without my love..? Is there anyone above?
It seems that I ain't vital
I just tr

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