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this is private

  • Uploaded on Nov 22, 2021
  • 402 Times Played
  •  Elina
  • 21 Tracks

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This playlist is a random playlist I made, it's filled with fun songs that are either a rap or an upbeat type. These songs have many good vibes, but also some of them are dramatic enough that you can imagine scenarios lol. I constantly update it and would love if you could look at it.

I named it 'this is private' just because I couldn't think of a name haha. I'm actually in the process of making another playlist, possibly some songs from my liked songs would go on there. Also if you follow me on spotify, I will look at your account and listen to your playlists ;) . I'm not too picky abt music so I would love to follow you back if you decide to follow me!

Thanks <3

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