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High Flying Lofi / Hip Hop

  • Uploaded on Jan 02, 2022
  • 390 Times Played
  • J Bleds J Bleds
  • 113 Tracks

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Instrumentals, beats, rappers, emcees, lyricists. Hip hop with a ‘Dream Hop’ feel. Poetry, rhymes, beatmakers etc. J Dilla, Soupbox, Wun Two, Dusty Stragglers, Made In M, Chris Orrick, POSTPARTUM, Devaloop, Mz Boombap, Wu Tang Clan. Check out my producer page ‘J. Bleds’ for mor of the same!

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Ed Mate On Feb 09, 2024 00:41

"Absolutely loving this playlist! Each track is a delightful journey into relaxation and good vibes. ????✨ If possible, I'd be honored to have my music featured in this fantastic lineup. Cheers to the curator for creating such a gem"profile link.

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