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  • Uploaded on Apr 27, 2022
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  • Trevor Aagaard ???? Trevor Aagaard ????
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The gym & music are my outlets & have helped me maintain my sobriety as well as motivating me through hard losses. Posting this on here in the hopes that someone finds this while they are going through a rough patch & this playlist helps them perservere through the storm into the sunlight! Let's gooooooooooooo!

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Krystal M. On Sep 02, 2022 13:28

Best playlist I've found on this site by far! Thanks!

Jaylun L. On Jul 19, 2022 13:03

A playlist on here that actually pushed me to go hard at the gym, shit's fire mayne

Maddie On Jul 09, 2022 03:57

damn actually motivating AF playlist, kudos

Alicja Kendzierska On May 30, 2022 13:37

Je vois pourquoi c’est #1 c’est incroyable, merci

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