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The Best of Godchild

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Godchild's laidback live music experience is the most exciting to hit the scene in a decade; the moment the listener catches their infectious energy, it's clear that Godchild is the new standard streaking through the industry. Defunking the scene of it's tired and sloshy vibe, they feed the intense craving for organic and phenomenal groove experience.

A lot has happened during the building and writing process, fellow musicians and friends have been jumping on and off the bandwagon and shared their craft but only these four souls continued to pursue and keep the band alive. It's been 7 years now and music is something they've put their hearts into and allowed to challenge and change them, so sharing it is pretty exciting. Inspired by hardwork, passion and honesty through music.

The band continues exploring colorful combination of Ilonggo soul, alternative, lounge and funk grooves to produce music that is fresh and challenging. They are as well continuously inspiring the new breed of Ilonggo musicians with their music and their style as they now explore the challenges of being independent artists.

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