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Most beautiful and relaxing piano songs

  • Uploaded on Mar 11, 2013
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In this playlist you will find the most beautiful and relaxing piano songs!

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Patrick On Mar 09, 2018 13:25

Hey there, check out: Patrick Kronenberger - Islands
That song would perfectly fit into the list aswell.

David Ross Lawn On Jun 23, 2017 22:28

great playlist!
I'd really love to be added into this. I added my debut piano solo EP to Spotify not too long ago, titled 'Songs of the Sun'- if you search for David Ross Lawn, Songs of the Sun, you'll find me there. I really hope you enjoy the music and can add it to your piano playlist!

-- D

Anastasia On Mar 02, 2017 16:45

Hi, the genre and style of this playlist is a perfect match to my own solo piano music and I was hoping you can take a listen to my album on Spotify called 'Reminiscent' (by Anastasia). I play soft, moving and poignant solo piano music which would be a great fit to your playlist. Thank you in advance for considering my music for your playlist. I will make sure to blast a message out to my followers about this playlist, should you add any of my pieces to it.

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