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Encapsulated Records

  • Uploaded on Mar 27, 2013
  • 438 Times Played
  •  Michael Jones
  • 303 Tracks

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Encapsulated Records is a Punk, Metal, and Hardcore label out of St. Louis, MO. This playlist currently features almost all of their 30 releases with over 150 songs, featuring: Be My Doppelganger (Evansville, IN), Bent Left (Kansas City, MO), Better Days (St. Louis, MO), Black for a Second (St. Louis, MO), Celebrity Autopsy (St. Louis, MO), Direct Hit! (Milwaukee, WI), The Disappeared (St. Louis, MO), The Haddonfields (St. Louis, MO), Half Raptor (Fayetteville, AR), Hold Tight! (Richmond, VA), Hot Atomics (St. Louis, MO), Jetty Boys (Sheboygan, WI), La Armada (Chicago, IL), Rattletooth (Louisville, KY), Sink the Bismark (St. Louis, MO), Teenage Rehab (Paducah, KY), Thorlock (Cape Girardeau, MO)

Encapsulated Records will keep this playlist up to date adding all of their new and upcoming releases on their respective release dates.

New releases coming soon from Everything Went Black (St. Louis, MO), Typesetter (Chicago, IL), and Galactic Cannibal (Milwaukee, WI).

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