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Antti Kuosmanen ja kromatut Kuninkaat

  • Uploaded on Feb 13, 2011
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  •  rutiinimurtuu
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Musiikki on suomenkielistä modernia rock/poppia, josta voi tarttuvuuden lisäksi löytää syvempiä sävyjä monikerroksisten tekstiensä ansiosta.
Antti Kuosmanen & Kromatut Kuninkaat is the Finnish rock band. Band had begun as a cover band and later band took as its singer Antti Kuosmanen on which already an earlier credit was working as a singer/songwriter and as a recording artiste. The band welded fast to his one present form and plays own material nowadays. The music is modern pop/rock in which deeper tones can be found in addition to the adhesion thanks to their multi-storey texts.

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