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Study Music: RELAX !

  • Uploaded on Apr 21, 2016
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  •  Nourinne
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Relaxing Music

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John Fluker On Oct 05, 2017 09:25

So many MIT students emailed me about my CD "The Sound of Peace" and its contemplative ambient piano piece "A Time Before" as being great music for study, concentration and focus. I invite you to search on Spotify for "A Time Before" and please consider adding it to your playlist.
John Fluker

David Ross lawn On Jun 23, 2017 22:30

great playlist!
I'd really love to be added into this. I added my debut piano solo EP to Spotify not too long ago, titled 'Songs of the Sun'- if you search for David Ross Lawn, Songs of the Sun, you'll find me there. I really hope you enjoy the music and can add it to your piano playlist!

-- D

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