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Alt. Rock & Pop Punk

  • Uploaded on Jul 28, 2011
  • 503 Times Played
  • Ashleigh Louise Alice Hindley Ashleigh Louise Alice Hindley
  • 519 Tracks

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300+ Alt. Rock & Pop Punk songs on it, many frequently played at alternative club nights around the UK.

18 hours of
- Classic and New Pop Punk/Easycore
- Old School Alternative Rock


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Featuring All Time Low, The Lonely Island, Weezer, Brand New, Sum 41, Four Year Strong, blink-182, New Found Glory, You Me At Six, LostProphets, Incubus, Panic! At The Disco, Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line, The Alll-American Rejects, Bloodhound Gang, Say Anything, Cartel, Finch, Green Day, The Midnight Beast, Something Corporate, We Are The In Crowd, and hundreds more.

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Ashleigh Louise Alice Hindley On Oct 02, 2011 16:10

The Blink-182 is all there! Maybe restart your Spotify?

Chris On Aug 06, 2011 21:58

AWESOME. But what happened to the blink 182?? I don't see it.

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