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Nothing New ('60s to 2001)

  • Uploaded on Jun 28, 2016
  • 22 Times Played
  • Richard Jankovich Richard Jankovich
  • 88 Tracks

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Running my own music promotion company means I listen to tons of new releases every week. But my heart really belongs to old music. So, to honor my "old-man" tastes, I decided to create a Spotify playlist which I will update weekly. It's called "Nothing New" and will only feature music that is older than 15 years old (2001 or prior.)
The first 30 songs I picked are a mix of styles, some obscure, some guilty pleasures (includes Sparks Official, True Love Always (and John Lindaman), Christopher Cross, Adolescents, Harry Nilsson, Debbie Deb, An Emotional Fish, Aaron Neville, Bad Religion, The 6ths and more.) This is all music that I like, no other agenda, just want to share old music with people who might be interested.

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