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Charles Edward - Urban Fixation

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Urban Fixation
Released on November 15, 2015, Urban Fixation, the highly moving instrumental album is quickly taking the nation by storm. Since its release just a month and a half ago, Urban Fixation has already reached upwards of 100,000 streams over Spotify, which is an amazing feat in and of itself. Composed completely by music genius, Charles Edward, Urban Fixation couples the smooth instrumental sounds of urban music and meshes them all together with harder sounding beats and sounds to create an album that is magical and definitely worthy of everyday listening.
The final result of Urban Fixation is an introductory album that is sure to move every listener from the inside out. Each track on this album is a unique blend of sounds that is unique, perfect for laying lyrics over, and also great for taking on the go in order for urban music fans to hear specialized musical instrumentals anytime of the day or night.
The best part of Urban Fixation is that it perfectly goes along with the many feelings of living the urban lifestyle, and with the specific titles of each track such as ‘Keep On Strivin” and ‘Good Ol Days’, this album defines what it is to live each day at a time, struggling and fighting every single moment, and also enjoying life as it comes. The sounds are wonderfully set in the right tone and place, and each track has a varied sense of excitement that accompanies them. The final album is one that can be played over and over again without any lull or boredom ensuing because the instruments clearly speak for themselves. The entire album includes tracks that flow with each other creating an urban album for the masses that is definitely a cut above the rest.
With Urban Fixation being the first installment for the first two chapters by Charles Edward, listeners can happily look forward to the release of the next batch of tracks that are sure to awe, inspire, and excite!

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