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heartbreak & threats (pt. 1)

  • Uploaded on Feb 20, 2017
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  •  Basquiat
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I was blindsided. The girl I loved and was going to marry threw me away like if I was garbage three months ago. No real explanations, only silence and threats.

As it is way more complex than those two sentences I\'m just going to let the music tell you the story and speak for me. In this first part I focus on my feelings throughout these past months.

Here you\'re going to find confusion, pain, nostalgia, sadness, obsession, paranoia, dreams, anger, disappointment, alcohol, demons (a third person, guilt even if I haven\'t done anything wrong) and finally a bittersweet acceptance... as I still had feelings for her.

All songs have a deep meaning for me (sometimes it\'s just a sentence or a verse that I feel identified with). There are also a couple of them who meant something for the two of us.

Welcome to my blue darkness.

January 2017

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