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  • Uploaded on May 23, 2018
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  • Jimmy Pahlman Jimmy Pahlman

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The metalcore community is a playlist that promotes bigger and smaller metalcore acts all around world.
If you like heavy metalcore music and want to find new heavy bands. This playlist is the right one for you.

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James Mack On Jun 20, 2019 10:54


Would love to submit my band for the playlist! Metalcore from Nottingham, UK!

Calum Osbaldiston On Jun 09, 2019 22:41

Hey man , i have a submission for your playlist you would like to take a listen :)

Benedikt Both On Jun 01, 2019 15:16

Great work!! -Really love your Playlist!!
We are a german Core-Band, called "Gina Goes Wild" and we just released our new Single "Black Snow".
Pleeease do us a favour and listen to it!
We think it would fit pretty good into your Playlist.. you would help us a lot! :)
Cheers mate!

Valentin Lauer On Nov 29, 2018 10:24

Nice playlist! :) followed and shared it!

Maybe you could give my band REVERSIONISTS a listen and it would be totally awesome, if we could be featured on your playlist!

Hampus Andersson On Aug 16, 2018 13:46

What a great list man! I gave it a follow, looking forward to see it updated!
Here is a suggested track for it :)

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