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shower time.

  • Uploaded on Sep 22, 2018
  • 430 Times Played
  •  Nathan F
  • 183 Tracks

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A fun, chill party to add to your personal shower time, and more! Here is a playlist for time when you shower, hang out with friends, be on your commute (whether you're road tripping or on a plane/train), doing work, etc. This was a playlist that I decided I needed to create after, while having a shower, I managed to crack my phone screen while having to skip a song on a different playlist. As a bad song began to play as I showered, I reached my arm out of the shower to tap skip on my phone which lay on the window sill. As I was tapping the screen of my phone, the water from the shower trickled down my arm to create a small puddle around my iphone. After I managed to change the song and resume my shower, before I knew it, I heard the soul-shattering sound as my phone violently fell onto the cold, hard, tiled floor of my bathroom. I knew at that moment that I didn't have to flip my phone over to see the shattered screen. Ever since, I made this 'shower time' playlist of only great songs that I love so that when I'm showering, I won't get the urge to need to skip the song at any time and prevent that incident to occur again. That is why this is such a great playlist you'll need to add to your library right now! Thank you if you made it this far in this long ass description!

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