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ATL best hip hop/ gospel rapper

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If you’re into versatility, reality, and good bars you will love Boyd united. Growing up in ATL Georgia, this rap artist is no amateur in the booth, learning and listing to all the legends in the game.

Boyd at any time can give you a great Gospel rap song, or have you wondering about your spouse with a great love song. The hard working artist is set to win the hearts of fans and music lovers across the world, as his aim is to become a household name. Boyd effortlessly delivery’s amazing vocal dexterity, and good notes that will constantly melt the hearts of his listeners to come. One of Boyd United’s latest projects ” Armor of God” is a beautiful, and well crafted song that God lovers will save. If you’re into catchy hooks, good clean gospel rap and love, listen to some of Boyd united music today. Streaming all major platforms!

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